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Since 1974, Léo Désilets Master Herbalist has championed health and wellness, by developing safe, effective and scientifically sound herbal formulations to help nourish and repair the body.

Since 1974

Since 1974, Léo Désilets Master Herbalist has championed health and wellness, by developing safe, effective and scientifically sound herbal formulations to help nourish and repair the body.

We believe that the delicate balance that must be achieved in order to attain, maintain and preserve optimal health relies on a strong nutritional foundation coupled with potent therapeutic agents.

Clinically Proven

Our therapeutic and nutritional formulas are safe, natural and effective, and are all founded on the latest research and clinical evidence.
Our range of herbal combinations, feature clinically proven ingredients, in their scientifically identified optimal doses, that allow you to choose the right product for your own specific needs, at every stage of life. When it comes to YOUR health, we strive for excellence – from the purest ingredients to the best finished products. We are honoured to be recognized as an industry leader and to have our unique formulas present in health food stores and pharmacies across the country.


Léo Désilets formulas are manufactured in a GMP compliant facility.
GMPs are an overall quality standard that dictates strict requirements for facilities, employees, processes and products. Léo Désilets Master Herbalist not only meets the NNHPD’s strict rules and regulations – they go far beyond.

Indeed, Léo Désilets’s quality standards are higher than what is commonly found within the natural health products realm, because not only do we have a license to manufacture natural health products, we also possess a fully-compliant pharmaceutical site manufacturing license.

The Léo Désilets range of products includes activated charcoal, a DIN-bearing formula which requires a pharmaceutical license, as such, the company must adhere to even more rigorous manufacturing and quality control processes. Thus, when you pick up a Léo Désilets formula, you can be assured that not only are you getting a safe, scientifically sound and effective product, but you can also be confident you are getting exactly what is indicated on the label: full disclosure, transparent labeling, for complete peace of mind.

Quality assurance and testing

At Léo Désilets Master Herbalist, we make a rigorous selection of raw material suppliers and medicinal ingredients, as well as perform numerous tests to ensure total compliance with regulatory standards.
Indeed, we adhere to an extensive testing schedule for all our raw materials that includes ingredient identification, purity, presence of pesticides, heavy metals, microbiological contaminants, and solvent residues. At Léo Désilets Master Herbalist, the quality and effectiveness of our products have always been our highest priority and our reputation proudly reflects that.

GMO Free – Pesticide Free

Always with an eye to offering products of the highest quality and efficacy, Léo Désilets Master Herbalist, sources its ingredients throughout the world, in order to find the absolute best quality of non GMO, pesticide-free plants.

Our facility in Scottstown, Qc carries an Organic Operations Certificate issued by Ecocert Canada, which certifies that our Organic Noni juice is 100% pure.

Further, the method used to ensure that our plants are free of detectable pesticide residues, complies with the international AOAC (Association of Official Agricultural Chemists) standards. In addition, we use the latest, cutting edge testing equipment, possessing the highest sensitivity and precision, to test for the presence of pesticides, which guarantees that our products are clean, ultra pure and pesticide free!